Mickey Mouse Monopoly Reaction

Disney is everywhere.

We all know Disney from growing up with it. The first movie I have ever seen in theaters was a Disney movie.

I watched Disney movies as a child and I still watch them today.

Because Disney’s timelessness, there is a lot that Disney movies show us about our culture and is a reason for the changes in them throughout the years. However they still portray a set of ideals.

599936-snow_white1_large.jpegWe can compare two princess movies like Snow White (1937) and Frozen (2013) to see a similar ideal about beauty and about femininity. While we have stronger female main character in Frozen to represent the time in which we are now living, there is still a strong sense of how a female should look like and act.

A femininity is portrayed with these women who wear dresses and who are naive. We have a character in Frozen who falls in love with a character after two seconds without knowing anything about him and in Snow White she eats an apple from a strange woman.

imagesWhile the movie Mickey Mouse Monopoly doesn’t reference Frozen, we can still see the culture that influenced the plot of the movie.

SPOILER: A man doesn’t save the day in Frozen. In the end it’s the love of two sisters that saves everyone in the movie.

This is an example of the success of the counter hegemony of feminism.

All of the old Disney princess movies show the men saving the day. After time has pasted and these views of helpless women dissipate we see a change in the movies.

I do think we still have a long way to go from here. There are still groups of people who aren’t being portrayed and strong feminine ideals that are being portrayed to children.




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